How The Korean War Impacted American Farmland

Rural America
Via Pixabay

Generally, when we think about war, we think about the brave soldiers fighting in foreign lands. Of course, we must not forget these sacrifices, but it is important to remember the impact of war on the homefront. has put together an interesting article about how the Korean War impacted rural America, and specifically American farmland in ways we often forget.

As the article points out, much of the forces sent to fight in Korea came from American farmland. This means there was a shortage of workers to keep the supply up. Furthermore, the need for crops increased at the same time to support the war effort. So, while the war seemed far away, the impact on American goods and supply and demand cannot be ignored.

Rural America was also split on the war itself. Conscientious objectors felt that it was unnecessary involvement in a foreign war for political reasons. Others, who went off to battle, came home telling of the inhuman things they had seen as an example of why they needed to fight against communist aggression. Overall, the war had a serious impact on the lives of rural Americans. Read more here.

We appreciate everyone who gave so much during WW II and the Korean War. That is why we support a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more about this important legislation and how you can help here.