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Hero Spotlight: Remembering Woody Williams, America’s Last World War II Medal of Honor Recipient.

Woody Williams 1945
Via Wikimedia Commons

We recently lost a World War II hero and a great American. We can think of no one better for this month’s Hero Spotlight. Woody Williams demonstrated what heroism really is in Iwo Jima earning him the Medal of Honor. While we mourn his passing, we must remember his life and his service.

The more you read about this man, the more you realize that he was the sort of person who always stood up. He was the sort of person who would never turn his back on someone in need.

He was the youngest of 11 children, but when his father died, he stepped up to help support his family. As a marine, he volunteered for dangerous missions because he was always willing to risk himself for others.

Even after his military career ended, his service did not. Williams worked as a Veteran’s Service Representative and raised money for Gold Star Families through the Woody Williams Foundation.

This man never stopped giving until he gave his last breath at the age of 98 surrounded by his loving family. Thank you, Corporal Williams. You are a true hero and you will be missed. Read more about Williams’ passing and how friends and family honored him here.

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