19-Year-Old Moves Into a Senior Living Complex by Mistake

Senior living apartments
Via GoDaddy

19-year-old Madison Kohout achieved some TikTok fame after accidentally moving into a senior living complex. As many have mentioned since the story came out, “teenager moves into retirement complex” really sounds like the plot to a sitcom. The reality, however, is that Madison signed the lease without actually laying eyes on the new apartment complex and missed one small detail.

You might think it would be obvious that she had moved into a senior living complex. However, Kohout says she didn’t realize it until a week later. The fact that her new neighbors were all over 65 didn’t quite register. What did finally break through was the sign she saw a week after moving in. It read “Senior Citizen Apartments.”

After realizing her mistake, Madison shared her story on TikTok. Her videos have since gone viral as people enjoy the humorous yet heartwarming story. While in the beginning, it sounds like a funny story of a youthful mistake, it’s also a story about community and acceptance. Madison says that she loves her neighbors. While she is not the usual tenant, the much-older residents in the complex have been thrilled to have her. Check out the full story.

Sure, a teenager moving into “Senior Citizen Apartments” sounds funny, but it also illustrates how wonderful and welcoming our seniors are. We believe in giving back to our great older Americans. That is why we support The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. This bill would dramatically improve benefits for American’s over age 82. Please sign our petition to help.

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