Hero Spotlight: Pioneering Korean War Vet Jean Ridenhour

In this month’s Hero Spotlight, we take a look at someone who served in the Korean War, ushered in social change, and never stopped giving back to her community. Today, we honor Jean Ridenhour.

Jean Ridenhour is a female Korean war vet who helped pave the way for women in military service. While women played an important role in conflicts dating back to the American Revolution, they were not always allowed to serve as they do today. Jean remembers well when things changed.

At 18 years old, she signed up with WAVES (Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service.) As a Navy Communication Technician Second Class, she worked with the National Security Administration (NSA) in Washington, D.C.

After this, she volunteered for further service. Jean spent a year serving her country during the Korean War. For this service, she deserves our deepest respect. Listen to her story in the video below.

Youtube/ WSL 10 News

As we honor this groundbreaking female Korean War vet, let’s take a moment to remember all who served. We support and deeply appreciate all who gave so much for our country. This is why we support a bill we call “The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.” Learn more here about how this bill would help so many Americans. Sign our petition to show your support, and remember to like and follow The Greatest Generation on Facebook and Twitter.