Americans Not Receiving What They Earned from Social Security?

Older Americans
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Older Americans Earned More Than They Recieve in Retirement

Social Security retirement benefits are part of an agreement. It is not about charity, but about giving what is earned. Retirement-aged Americans have spent most of their lives paying into Social Security. By spending a lifetime working and contributing to society, Senior Citizens have held up their part of the agreement. Sadly, Social Security does not do enough to repay what is owed.

Social Security Benefits Do Not Give Seniors What They Already Paid For

Social Security benefits have struggled for years to keep up with the needs of older Americans, especially those over the age of 82. These members of the greatest generation gave more than enough to earn a comfortable retirement. Unfortunately, the benefits they receive from Social Security do not match the ever-changing cost of living. As inflation drives prices higher, benefits increase much slower. Some elderly Americans face real economic hardships and struggle to pay their bills every month. Even for those who fare better, Social Security alone is not enough to live on. The real injustice is the fact that these are people who already did their part and earned their retirement. Providing such low benefits paints a clear picture of how much we have failed the generation that has done so much for us.

The Greatest Generation Benefits Act Would Make a Substantial Change to Social Security Benefits

Realizing that seniors’ benefits are too low is only the first step. Next, we have to look at how to fix the problem. That’s why we proudly sponsor what we call “The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.” This act, if passed, will create real change for seniors over the age of 82. Under the proposed change, benefits would increase by an additional $85 a month and another four percent every year. This plan is designed to improve the lives of seniors immediately while also creating a long-term solution for low benefits that have not kept up with inflation.

We need help getting this important bill passed. Your voice can send a clear message to Congress. Sign our petition to let the world know that you think our seniors should get what they have earned. Also, be sure to share and follow The Greatest Generation on social media.

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