Here’s Why Seniors Need Social Security Reform

Seniors need Social Security Reform
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Social Security Reform is Beyond Due

Social Security is a lifeline for many Americans. For those who rely on it, the system is failing and has been for quite some time. Benefits are unacceptably low and do not provide enough to live on alone. Americans who have spent their lives working and paying in, do not receive what they are owed. Really, it’s shameful that many of our seniors don’t have enough to pay their bills. As the cost of living increases dramatically, the increase to seniors’ benefits barely moves. Social Security Reform is the only way to give these Americans what they deserve.

Why Social Security Benefits are Not Enough

Many Americans assume that Social Security will be there to take care of them once they reach retirement age. Unfortunately, without secondary retirement and/or extensive savings, retirees find that they barely have enough to live. Benefits are less than that of a living wage, and they fail to keep up with rising medical costs. The Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA) falls consistently under 2% each year offering very little increase.

An Opportunity for Change

To give older Americans the benefits they deserve and have worked for, we support a Congressional bill we call “The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.” This would significantly increase the amount many of our seniors receive. This would certainly be a welcome change. While the current system offers COLA increases as little as 1.3%, the proposed bill would set a minimum of 4% every year for those over age 82. Additionally, the bill includes an increase of $85 per month once implemented. Together, these changes will make a huge difference in the lives of Americans who gave so much for their country – the greatest generation.

How to Help.

We are working to strongly encourage Congress to do what’s right for our seniors. We believe that those who lived and sacrificed through WWII and the Korean War deserve more. Unfortunately, we cannot do it alone. This change will only happen if enough voices demand it. We need you to tell Congress that you support meaningful reform. You can send a clear message by signing our petition. We need as many Americans on board as we can get, so please share with your friends and family on Facebook and Twitter.

Thank you for your support!