Is the Greatest Generation Now the Forgotten Generation?

Greatest Generation WWII Memorial
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The Greatest Generation Gave More than Most

For many Americans, it’s hard to imagine the era of World War II and its aftermath. We may view it as something from the pages of history books or as the plotline of a blockbuster film. For those who lived through it, it was very much a reality. If not for the efforts and sacrifices of those who went before, we would not enjoy the freedoms we have today. We call them the greatest generation because they faced unimaginable challenges with unmatched grace and strength. As we remember the past, we must not forget the present and the challenges our seniors face today.

We Must Give Them More

Remembering the sacrifices they made is not enough if we don’t take care of them today. An unacceptable number of Americans aged 82 and above are living below the poverty line. Those who lived through war and economic turmoil have more than earned their retirement. Tragically, too many now struggle to make ends meet with the low retirement benefits they receive. The United States owes so much to the greatest generation and the debt has not been properly paid. Older Americans deserve benefits that keep up with the cost of living and provide financial security.

An Opportunity to Help

Through the bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act, we have an amazing opportunity to change the lives of seniors who have already given so much to us. This legislation would increase Social Security benefits by $85 per month as well as provide a guaranteed four percent increase annually. This would offset low COLAs (cost-of-living adjustments) and allow Retired Americans 82 and older to live comfortably without the fear of being unable to pay their monthly bills. If this bill is put into law, it will make a huge difference in the lives of many Americans — but we need help to make this a reality.

Public support is the most important way to bring attention to this issue and create real change. The fact that you are reading this shows that you care. There are others out there like you, and together we can make a difference. To help pass this important legislation, there are three things you can do today. Please share this post with your friends, follow The Greatest Generation on Facebook and Twitter, and take a minute to sign our petition.

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