Elderly Woman Owes Her Life to Good Samaritan (Video)

For an elderly woman living alone, a fall can be deadly. This was the situation for 89-year-old Hellen Iwanski, fortunately, a good Samaritan took the time to help. While so many people focus on their own lives oblivious to those around them, that was not the case for one Chicago Mail Carrier. Being familiar with those on her route, Shonda Lemmon became concerned when Hellen had not picked up her mail in three days.

Shonda took action and called for the police to perform a wellness check at Hellen’s residence. They found the elderly woman in dire need. After a fall, she had been unable to get up or seek help. She had been lying on the floor for days with no assistance. Thanks to Shonda’s compassion and action, the 89-year-old is alive today. While the world seems like a cruel place sometimes, remember that there are good people like Shonda Lemmon and that we could all be a little more like her.

YouTube: WTVR CBS 6

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