You Won’t Believe Why This Elderly Man Decided to Walk Over 1,300 Miles or What One Police Officer Did Next

Elderly man takes long walk
Via Pexels

80-year-old Dale Erdmann set out on what would have been quite a long journey. The elderly man was a little confused about the distance when he left his house that day, however, his reason for traveling was one that caught the attention of one local police officer.

Dale was seeking something sweet, but at the same time, he was chasing nostalgia. Mr. Erdmann’s wife said that he had been having some trouble with his memory, so it was not that surprising when he headed out to visit the candy shop of his youth in a city he had not lived in for years.

Erdmann didn’t understand that he was in Austin, Texas and the shop he was heading for was in Brigham City, Utah. Officer Ryan Mihalik helped the confused man back home and visited with the couple. Not only that, but Officer Mihalik tracked down Dale’s childhood candy shop and arranged to have some of the sweet treats delivered to the Erdmanns.

Officer Mihalik’s act of kindness meant so much to this elderly man. Read more about this fascinating story on ABC4 News. Stories like this remind us of the importance of being there for our fellow Americans, especially the elderly. We are working to encourage Congress to pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act to give back to older Americans. Learn more here.