Elderly Couple Rescued From House Fire by Two Strangers

Rashad Conwell is a delivery driver, but he is also a local hero after helping to save an elderly couple whose house was in flames. When he noticed the fire erupting from the garage, he notified the woman who lived there. At the same time, another good Samaritan came to help.

Randy Mohammad was working nearby when he saw the fire. He ran to the house warning the residents of the spreading flames. Thanks to these two men, a husband and wife, their grandson, and their dog were all able to make it to safety. Check out the video below and read more here from Beverly L. Jenkins at InspireMore.com.

Via Youtube / CBS 17

These men certainly deserve our respect for their heroic acts and for saving this elderly couple. Without their actions, lives would have likely been lost. If more people were like this, imagine what our world would be like. We believe in giving back, especially to those who gave the most, members of the greatest generation. These great Americans worked and sacrificed during WW2 and Korea and they deserve better now. This is why we support The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. This bill would directly benefit Americans aged 82 and over. Learn more and sign our petition here.