Elderly Americans Need a Social Security Increase

Elderly Americans
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Elderly Americans often face economic struggles. With the rising cost of healthcare and medication, many seniors have trouble affording their basic needs. Furthermore, inflation continues to drive the cost of living up for everyone. For those who rely on Social Security, it can be especially challenging to make ends meet.

Is Social Security Enough to Live on?

Many Americans spend their lives working and assume that Social Security will provide them with a livable income after retirement. Unfortunately, they often find out the hard way that this is not true. Social Security is not enough to live on alone. Without substantial savings or other retirement funding, many retirees discover that they do not have enough to live securely in retirement.

Why Elderly Americans Need and Deserve More

Economic challenges can affect anyone, however, older Americans are often more likely to suffer. While inflation impacts everyone, older populations tend to have higher medical expenses and lower incomes. These are people who have to get by on what they have in retirement. For the ones who rely on Social Security benefits, this is simply not enough. Furthermore, so many of our older Americans gave so much to this country and deserve more in return.

What is The Greatest Generation Benefits Act?

The bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is a great way to improve the lives of Americans age 82 and over. These are people who lived through WW II and Korea. They worked and sacrificed for this country and they deserve more in retirement. Under this legislation, seniors over age 82 would receive an additional $85 per month plus 4 percent annually. This is considerably more than the last COLA increase of 1.3 percent. Clearly, this is a much-needed change.

This bill still needs help to make it through Congress. You can help by signing our petition and keeping up with our latest updates. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest information.