Congress is Failing America’s Retirees

American Retirees
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Many American retirees are struggling financially. After years of work and paying into Social Security, these older Americans find that they have trouble affording their basic needs. To make matters worse, the failure to act by our Congress has prolonged the suffering of those who cannot afford necessities during this time of inflation.

Why is Retirement Such a Challenge?

While we may spend some of our working years looking forward to retirement, the reality may be a little different than we expect. Many retirees find that things are much tighter financially in their golden years than they were prepared for. This is why retirement planning is so important. One of the biggest issues, however, is the fact that Social Security does not provide enough to cover real-world expenses. Americans who spent their lives working should be able to rely on the benefits they have been paying into for years.

What Can Congress Do to Help American Retirees?

Congress has the opportunity to help seniors retire securely. Unfortunately, significant action has still not been taken on this important issue. We believe that a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is the best chance to create real change for many American seniors. This legislation would create a significant increase in Social Security benefits for retirees aged 82 and over. It would guarantee an immediate increase as well as a significant annual boost. If Congress were to take action on this bill, it would be life-changing. Learn more about this important legislation here.

Why Has Congress Failed to Take Action for Older Americans

While food and fuel prices continue to make life hard for many Americans, Congress has failed to help those who are most in need. The elderly in this country struggle with the same rising prices as well as higher medical costs and costly medicare premiums. Something needs to change and Congress has the power to make it a priority. If you think it’s time, sign our petition here.

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