Does The Greatest Generation Still Matter?

The greatest generation today
Via Pixabay

Members of the greatest generation lived through wars and economic hardships that many younger Americans could not imagine. This is the generation that led us through World War II. Many who sacrificed during WWII stepped back up without hesitation when the Korean War began. 

There is no doubt that these great Americans did a lot for this country. In 2023, though, do they still matter? The youngest World War II veterans living today are in their 90s. It is a vastly different world now than it was during the 1940s and 1950s. Times have changed.

What does this mean for members of the greatest generation today? Are those who fought and sacrificed decades ago relevant in 2023? We ask these questions rhetorically. Of course, the men and women who gave so much are important today. Of course, they matter! We ask these questions for a reason though.

While it seems ridiculous to even question whether the greatest generation matters, it seems, sometimes, like they don’t matter to our government. Men and women who fought and sacrificed for this country suffer in old age while society looks the other way.

The sad truth is that many older Americans cannot afford to live comfortably in retirement because they don’t get what they earned from Social Security. We believe that a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is the best way to give back. If you agree, sign our petition and tell Congress these Americans do in fact matter!

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