WW2 Vet Meets the Surprising Person Who Changed his Life.

For one World War Two Vet, a simple letter means more to him than the rest of us could understand. In fact, he has carried this note with him everywhere he goes for years. The words written on this piece of paper are counted among his most treasured possessions. The note stays with him at all times and helps the 95-year-old get through the day.

Who could have written such an important message to this American hero? Actually, it was a third-grader who took the time to write the veteran thanking him for his service. While a letter from a grade school student may not seem like it would hold a lot of importance to a war hero, the kind gesture meant the world to this man. What’s even better? Now, over a decade later, he had the opportunity to meet the young woman whose words touched him so long ago.

Thanks to the efforts of the staff in his residential community, the author of that important letter paid this teary-eyed veteran a visit, now at 21-years-old and wearing a uniform of her own. See the emotional video below.

CBS Evening News

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