World War II Vet Reunites With Familiar Faces From the War. What Almost Happened That Day Would Have Been Tragic.

In times of war, there are moments that stick with a person for a lifetime. For World War II vet Martin Adler, one of those moments re-emerged after 77 years. It was a life and death moment that took a surprising turn and even more surprising now that three familiar faces paid Martin a visit.

Adler, now 97 remembers clearly hunting Nazis in Italy as a 20-year-old private first class. While on patrol, Martin had to think quickly and respond to any possible enemy movement knowing that a second of hesitation could bring his tour to an early end.

In 1944 in a small village, Martin saw movement under a pile of blankets. Knowing that he was in hostile territory and a split-second decision could be the difference between life and death, he came close to opening fire. He is now eternally thankful that he did not.

Hiding under the blankets were not Nazi soldiers, but three children. Their mother stepped in front of Adler telling him that they were children. Relieved that no lives were lost, Adler posed for a picture with the three and gave them candy. Now, years later, the World War II vet had the chance to meet with them again. See the touching reunion in the video below.

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