Why We Owe Our Freedom to The Greatest Generation

The greatest generation honor flight
Service members salute World War II and Korean War veterans before Honor Flight departure. Via Wikimedia Commons

Members of the greatest generation brought America through World War II and the Korean War. Some veterans from this era even answered the call a third time when U.S. forces entered Vietnam.

Beyond those who fought on the frontlines, Americans at home faced unique challenges, made great sacrifices, and worked hard to do their part for the United States and its allies. We can not look past the contributions of these great Americans.

Members of The Greatest Generation Faced Hell on the Frontlines of WW2

While First World War was called “The War to End All Wars,” the Second World War presented an even greater threat as Nazi forces tore through Europe and the Imperial Japanese military swept across the Pacific on a quest for world domination. members of the greatest generation stepped up and fought on battlefields like nothing we had seen before.

Hometown Heroes Kept the Country Going

It was not just those who served in the military that made the greatest generation great. Heroes at home made great sacrifices to keep the U.S. strong. Everyday Americans stepped into new jobs to keep the economy going, donated goods to support the war effort, and volunteered in every way they could.

When War Erupted Once More, These Heroes Stood Up Again.

In the 1950s, Americans were ready to move on from war. In many ways it was a time of prosperity for the country. However, when North Korean communist troops stormed across the 38th Parallel invading the South, the heroes of the greatest generation stepped up once more.

How to Give Back

We believe that by passing a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act, American seniors can live comfortably in retirement, and members of the greatest generation can get what they earned.

Under this legislation, Americans 82 and over would receive an extra $85 per month plus a 4 percent increase annually. Learn more about this important act and sign our petition to Congress here. For the latest updates on this and more, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.