Watch this Bittersweet Tribute to An American Hero

Youtube: (WSLS 10)

As a Tuskegee Airman, Alfred Farrar was a trailblazing pioneer and American Hero. Beyond his initial service, Alfred was a hero to those he inspired. This, of course, includes his son Roy who made sure that his father was ready to attend a local veterans’ tribute one day before his 100th birthday. The event was part of a Lynchburg tradition celebrating those who serve. It was a weekly troop rally held by the Veterans Council. However, this particular week would be different.

Unfortunately, Alfred Farrar passed away just days before the ceremony. In honor of this great American hero, the council made a small change to the plan. The event transformed from a troop rally to a memorial service for this fallen hero. The Lynchburg Veterans Council quickly reframed the day’s events in honor of Farrar. Not only, did the community gathered to remember Alfred, but he was given one last honor. The Monument Terrace Sidewalk features stones bearing the names of American heroes. On this day, Alfred Farrar was added to the monument in remembrance of his service.

While it is sad that Alfred did not get to see this beautiful tribute it is great to see how the community came together to honor him. Without the efforts and sacrifices of men like Alfred Farrar, this country would not be what it is today. This is why we think it is so important to give back to those who gave the most. With this in mind, we support legislation we call “The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.” If passed, this bill would dramatically improve the lives of Americans who lived through WWII and the Korean War. Learn more about the bill here, and please take a moment to sign our petition.

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