1950s Locomotive Discovered in the Woods is a Mystery

If you’ve ever explored the densely wooded areas of rural America, you may know that it is not uncommon to find relics of the past. Old cars and even abandoned houses are out there as a sort of time capsule. One recent interesting find was a 1950s locomotive

Bruce Wilson is in the business of reviving old machinery he finds. One of his bigger finds is certainly fascinating. While it is not exactly hidden deep in the woods, this 1950s diesel train is an odd sight to see sitting abandoned.

Originally, they thought it was a 1946 model based on its condition. Further investigation, however, determined that it is a 1950s ALCO RS-3. Furthermore, the train’s owner is still alive, and the train itself was actually running as late as 2010.

Apparently, the owner had plans to restore this 1950s locomotive and use it for an amusement ride of sorts. That project never came to fruition and so the train sits abandoned. Read the full story here. Below, check out Wilson’s exploration video as well as an actual video of the engine running over a decade ago.

YouTube: Bruce Wilson

See it in action.

YouTube : SR6900

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