The Greatest Generation Earned so Much More

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The greatest generation (those who lived through WW2 and Korea) earned so much more than they receive from Social Security. Benefits for seniors are shockingly low. For those who sacrificed so much, these benefits are especially insulting. It is time to stand up for those who stood up for us and support Social Security change for those over Age 82.

Why Social Security Benefits are Too Low

The problem with Social Security is that Americans spend their lives working and paying in only to discover that they have very little in retirement. While those with extensive savings or additional retirement plans may get by, individuals who rely solely on Social Security can struggle month to month. Of course, these benefits are intended to help people. They, however, do not offer enough. Social Security fails to keep up with inflation and increasing costs. Recipients end up suffering. For example, the Cost of Living Adjustment for 2021 was only 1.3 percent. This small increase is not enough to meet rising costs.

Why The Greatest Generation Deserves More

These great Americans gave so much during WW2 and the Korean war. These are people who worked and sacrificed for this country. Now that they are older and in need, the country has a debt to repay. It is ridiculous to think that those who saw America through some of its most challenging times of war should now be struggling to get by in the country they fought for. They are called the greatest generation because of what they did for America. Of course we think of the war veterans who fought bravely. However, it is about more than just those who stood on the front lines. It was those who sacrificed on the Homefront as well. These Americans came together to build a brighter future. For this reason, we owe them more.

How to Create Change

To generate the change these seniors need, we have to bring benefits up to an acceptable level. The best option for this is a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. If passed, this legislation would increase benefits for those over age 82 by $85 per month and an additional 4 percent every year. This is exactly the kind of change we need. You can help make it a reality by signing our petition. You can also spread the word by following us and sharing on Facebook and Twitter.