New DNA Testing Can Identify Fallen Heroes from Pearl Harbor

DNA testing to identify fallen American heroes
Via Pexels

DNA testing has done wonders in the last several decades. This technology has simplified scientific processes and changed everything from the health industry to criminal justice. One of the really great things that have come from DNA advancements is the ability to identify unknown soldiers. While some service members have been listed as missing since WWII and Korea, recent efforts have helped to identify them.

Last year, several family members of those lost in the attack on Pearl Harbor petitioned the government to use new DNA testing technology to identify the 85 sailors and Marines from the battleship USS Arizona who were buried as unknowns. Their families say it’s time for answers. “These men matter and they served,” said the niece of one lost Sailor who was presumed dead.

Modern science can go a long way in identifying these men. Of course, their sacrifices should not be forgotten, and their families should have closure. The good news is that, while there are political and economic hurdles in the way of identifying all of those still missing, Modern DNA testing is making progress every day. Read about these important advances here.

Of course, we support any effort to honor and respect our WWII heroes. We believe, however, that more needs to be done to support the ones who are still with us, whether they served abroad or held down jobs on the homefront. This is why we encourage Congress to pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more here. Also, be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.