Remembering the Korean War 70 Years Later

Korean War Memorial
Via Pixabay

As 2020 draws to a close, we should take a moment to look back while we look forward. Remembering the Korean War is important, for our veterans and for our country as a whole. 2020 marked the 70 year anniversary of the war in Korea and it doesn’t seem right to let the year end without reflecting on what our veterans went through all those years ago. Though 70 years may sound like a long time, for many who served in Korea, the memories and scars of war still feel fresh today.

Between 1950 and 1953, more than 5.7 million Americans served in Korea. The war itself was brutal. Beyond the battle, U.S forces faced extreme cold and dangerous terrain in a land that was not their own. Although Korea is referred to as “the forgotten war,” the struggles and sacrifices of those who served must be remembered. 54,246 men died as a result of the war while another 103,000 were wounded. We must remember those who fell while not losing sight of those who survived and still carry the memories today.

More than 2 million Korean War veterans are living in the United States today. We owe all of them our respect and much more. The unfortunate truth is that many of these veterans struggle today even though they did their part a long time ago. Social Security benefits don’t match the cost of living making it hard to get by. Some of those who served in WW2 and Korea, now live in poverty. The Greatest Generation supports the passage of a bill that will drastically increase benefits for those who gave so much. Learn more about this important legislation here, and take a moment to sign our petition.

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