Nursing Home Staffing Crisis Continues to Impact Older Americans

Nursing home staffing shortage
Via Pixabay

The current nursing home staffing crisis is significant for many Americans. Even before the pandemic, these facilities had trouble keeping enough staff. Of course, Covid made matters much worse. For example, the 390-bed Terrace View nursing home on the east side of Buffalo, New York, had to shut down 22 beds in December.

The facility lacked the staff to care for all of its residents safely and legally. This meant that fully recovered residents who had been out at the hospital were stranded waiting for beds to open up in the nursing home, and ER patients were stuck waiting for hospital beds to become available.

This perfectly represents the significance of the problem we now face. Maintaining sufficient nursing home staffing has always been a challenge. Unfortunately, the problem does not appear to be getting any better anytime soon.

The staffing crisis in nursing homes impacts residents, hospitals, and the general public. As Omicron continues to spread, hospitalizations are on the rise and the situation becomes more dire. Read more about the current nursing home crisis here.

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