Many Retired Americans Need More Than Social Security Can Cover

Retired Americans
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Many Retired Americans Do Not Have Enough to Live On

Retired Americans make up a considerable part of our population. Unfortunately, it sometimes feels like these are the people who are forgotten and left behind. We are talking about people who spend most of their lives working but then don’t have a level of income to afford even basic needs. It’s not right that our system allows for those who contributed over a lifetime to be left out once they retire.

Why Social Security is Not Enough

Social Security benefits are designed to provide for Americans after they retire. However, these benefits do not go far enough to ensure that recipients can meet their needs. The problem is that Social Security fails to keep up with rising costs. Right now, we’re facing the highest inflation rates we’ve seen in decades. Healthcare costs are continuing to climb. The minimal COLA increase just doesn’t cover those skyrocketing costs.

Members Of The Greatest Generation Deserve Better

Members of the greatest generation are those who lived through World War II and The Korean war. These men and women gave so much. Some fought overseas while others sacrificed at home to keep the country strong. The sacrifices of the past are too many to count, and the indignities of today are too important to ignore. These great Americans deserve more.

The Social Security Proposal That Could Change Everything

Clearly, the Social Security system is failing retired Americans. The question is, how do we fix it? A bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act is centered on solving this very issue. We’re urging Congress to pass this important legislation right now. America’s seniors can’t wait. If passed, Americans over age 82 will receive an additional $85 per month plus a 4 percent increase every year. Please sign our petition here.

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