Korean War Veteran has a Special Wish for his 90th Birthday

Via Pixabay

ABC15 News recently featured a story about a Korean War Veteran who has a special wish for his 90th Birthday. Hugh Marr Jr. is an American hero who fought in Korea selflessly risking himself for his country and his fellow soldiers. Even now nearly 70 years later, he has not changed. He still puts others first. His one birthday wish is both touching and a reflection of who he is. Marr’s family said that he still struggles with the memories of those who did not get to come home. During his service, he saw friends and comrades fall in battles of Pork Chop Hill, Old Baldy, Chorwon Valley, and Heartbreak Ridge.

His one wish?

That these men be honored.

Even in celebration of his own birthday, Hugh is the type of person who moves away from the spotlight choosing instead to honor others. This is a perfect example of why we call them the greatest generation. It’s a beautiful gesture to use his birthday to honor those who served with him and didn’t make it home. It is also a reminder of why we need to do more to show our respect to those, like Mr. Marr, who still bear the scars today of their past sacrifice. The Greatest Generation is proud to honor the veterans of World War 2 and Korea, their spouses, and all those who were on the home front.

They gave so much for our country. They deserve The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

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