Hero Spotlight: Desmond Doss

It’s not often that we hear about a pacifist being awarded the Medal of Honor for their military service. That, however, is exactly what happened with Desmond Doss during World War II.

More than 70,000 men were designated conscientious objectors during WW II. These were mostly those whose religious beliefs made them opposed to the idea of war. While some refused to serve altogether, 25,000 joined the U.S. Armed Forces in non-combat roles such as medics and chaplains.

Desmond Doss personally objected to the taking of life based on his firmly held religious beliefs. When he was drafted, however, Doss felt the calling to help his fellow man. This led him to serve as a medic during the war.

The path was not easy for Desmond, as he was harassed and threatened repeatedly during basic training. Still, none of this stopped him from putting himself at risk to save the lives of his fellow Americans.

Doss earned two Bronze Stars for his bravery in the midst of intense battles in the Pacific. Later, he would receive injuries from grenades and sniper fire at Hacksaw Ridge but still saved the lives of an estimated 75 other wounded soldiers.

Desmond T. Doss was later awarded the Medal of Honor for his incredible heroics. There is much more to this man’s incredible story. Read more about it here.

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