Social Security is a Crucial Barrier Against Poverty

Someone putting their hand out to an older person
Image via GoDaddy

The Center on Budget and Policy Priorities has released a fascinating look at how Social Security “lifts more Americans above the poverty line than any other program.”

14.8 million seniors are brought out of poverty directly because of Social Security. This system is integral to the well-being of older Americans, especially the members of the greatest generation.

Congress should be moving to better protect and secure the retirement of Americans. This examination of the Social Security system absolutely proves its importance.

The bill we call the Greatest Generation Benefits Act will increase the monthly benefits retirees age 82 and older receive by $85 and increase benefits by 4 percent each year.

If current Social Security currently lifts almost 15 million seniors out of poverty, just imagine how many more will be helped by increasing the benefits of the greatest generation.

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