American Hero Gets an Incredible Surprise After Medically Retiring

Jesus Salinas is an American Hero in more ways than one. He is a former Marine and a 20-year veteran of the Fresno Police Force. Unfortunately, serious health issues forced him into retirement.

His ALS diagnosis left him without the ability to speak and made him reliant on a wheelchair and breathing machine. While his life became very challenging, at least he had some great support along the way.

In honor of his retirement, his long-time coworkers from the police department scheduled a parade to show their respect. They had another surprise as well. Salinas was surprised to see a familiar face.

Out of one of the cruisers stepped Jesus Salinas’ son Jordan. Jordan had been stationed in Iraq but was granted leave to see his father when his health started to decline. It’s hard to imagine a better gift to an American hero and a father. Grab a tissue and watch the emotional video below.


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