31-Year-Old Retirement Home Resident Lives it Up With Her Elderly Friends

Liz White is not your average 31-year-old. She’s enjoying the single life in a less-than-traditional way for someone in their early 30s. While others her age might be focused on finding love, building a family, or climbing the career ladder, she is kicking it in a retirement home.

That’s right. After going through a breakup, White moved from Philadelphia to Florida and became an Honorary retiree. She’s not quite ready to draw Social Security, but she enjoys the sample of retired life while still working to pay the bills. “I am retired in my soul, but not in my bank account,” White said.

Although she still has to do that whole pesky work thing, Liz is enjoying the semi-retired life. She plays board games with her neighbors and goes out to dinner with her friends that are twice her age. Check out her viral story from the New York Post and see what she has to say about her experience here.

It’s great that this young woman is enjoying retired life. Retirement, however, can be a challenge for many Americans. Just look at the California retirement home residents that got a $1,000 rent hike. That’s not all, the cost of living is making it difficult for seniors everywhere. That’s why we support a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more bout how this legislation could make retirement more affordable for older Americans here.