Piece of World War II History Being Used for Target Practice? One Man Decided Something Had to be Done About This Disgrace.

B-29 Bomber Via WikiMedia Commons

It was a remarkable part of World War II history. After playing such an important role in the war effort, one would think that it would be displayed in a museum or honored in some fashion. Unfortunately, this was not the case. We are talking about a B-29 Bomber that was left in the desert and used for target practice.

The B-29 affectionately known as “Doc” took to the sky in 1945. This is the same kind of bomber used to drop two atomic bombs on Japan which eventually lead to the end of the war. Unfortunately, “Doc” was cast away left to rot in the middle of the Mojave Desert. For 42 years, this piece of World War II history sat in the desert being used as target practice for the Navy.

As a ground target, the government used “Doc” to test ballistic coordinates. A man named Tony Mazzolini made it his personal mission to save “Doc” and restore the bomber to its original glory. The worse part, however, is how difficult it was to get the government to agree to let go of the piece of history they were disrespecting. After over a decade and some bartering, Mazzolini was finally able to have it restored. Read the full story from News 5 Cleveland and learn where you can see “Doc” here.

While it is a shame to see history abandoned and disrespected, it’s great to know people like Tony are around. Of course, we are happy to see “Doc” restored. However, this is part of a bigger issue. Many of the Americans who gave so much during WW2 are being similarly forgotten. We support a bill we call “The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.” With the passage of this act, some of our greatest Americans would finally receive what they’ve earned. Congress must pass this bill. Help convince them by signing our petition. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for more news and updates.