Pets Can Significantly Improve Health for Seniors

Pets can improve health for seniors
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Having a furry companion is a great thing. Several studies suggest that it can even lead to increased health benefits and especially improve health for seniors. For elderly people, a four-legged friend could be a lifesaver.

Pets offer companionship and protection to those who live alone. Additionally, pet therapy has become increasingly common in nursing homes. The trend is based on science, which has shown real health benefits to seniors. Pets For The Elderly detailed some of the benefits of pet ownership for older people.

Benefits may include:

Lower blood pressure — Studies have found that petting an animal or even just talking to a pet can be relaxing and lead to lower heart rate and blood pressure.

Improved mood — Depression can be a serious issue for older people. Of course, there are many treatments available, but research shows that sometimes the best could be a pet.

Increased physical and mental ability — Some researchers believe that taking care of an animal gives seniors more to do and helps to keep the mind sharp. Additionally, those who are able to take their pet for regular walks benefit from more exercise.

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