Pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act

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The time is now.

Congress must immediately pass the The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

The people who sacrificed so much for America, the Greatest Generation, consistently get the least.

They fought World War II and the Korean War. They preserved the American way of life for generations to come.

But now, those folks, who are age 82 and older, receive Social Security benefits that don’t keep up rising costs of medical care.

It’s just plain wrong.

The politicians we elect should take better care of retirees – especially the members of the Greatest Generation.

The Greatest Generation Benefits Act

Fortunately, a game-changing bill was introduced in the Senate.

If passed, this bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act will boost the monthly benefits of retirees age 82 and older by $85 a month and automatically increase benefits by 4 percent each year afterwards.

This is piece of legislation is what the members of the Greatest Generation need.

They did so much for our country – it’s time for us to do something for them.

Please Join Us

We hope you will join us in supporting this crucial piece of legislation.

Please, CLICK HERE to sign our petition to Congress.

Our petition calls on our elected officials to pass the Greatest Generation Benefits Act before it’s too late.

We need the support of citizens like you to make this possible. Congress must know how the American people feel about the way the Greatest Generation is treated.

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