Sign Our Greatest Generation Benefits Act Petition

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We need your help.

Our friends in Congress introduced a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. If passed, retired folks will receive a guaranteed monthly raise of $85 and a 4 percent annual benefits increase.

Unfortunately, greedy politicians in Washington stonewalled this legislation. We must urge Congress to act now or we could miss this opportunity of a lifetime.

Please take a stand for the members of the greatest generation. Please CLICK HERE to sign our petition calling for the passage of The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

The Generation that Changed History Needs Your Aid
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The Greatest Generation, the folks who did the most for America, get the least during retirement.

They survived immense economic hardship and they fought both World War II and the Korean War.

However, these Americans age 82 and older don’t receive benefits that keep up with rising cost of medical care. And the cost-of-living adjustments they do receive just don’t keep up. It’s just plain wrong.

Our elected representatives must ensure the retired folks who built our country can retire with adequate protection and security.

The members of the greatest generation did so much for America – now it’s time we do something for them…

And, by signing our petition, you’ll be doing something to help demand Congress pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

We cannot do this without the help of concerned citizens like you. We must show our elected officials Americans expect them to immediately pass our legislation to increase the monthly benefits retirees receive by $85 while increasing benefits by 4 percent every single year.

It’s Time for a Change
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This bill guarantees:

  • Retirees age 82 and older get an immediate monthly Social Security raise of $85.  And this $85 increase will be legally mandated and guaranteed by Congress.
  • Seniors who did the MOST for America and who are getting the LEAST in retirement – will receive a 4 percent annual benefits increase as soon as The Greatest Generation Benefits Act passes.
  • Americans 82 or older will have more money to offset inadequate Cost of Living Adjustments… rising healthcare costs… and to help cover the unforeseen financial troubles that often hurt retirees.
  • Seniors who sacrificed so much and made America the proud country it is today will get the financial security they deserve – guaranteed!

Right now, older retirees receive scraps compared to what they earned. It’s time to change this.

Please join us by signing our petition calling for the passage of The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

It’s the least that can be done for a generation of men and women who sacrificed so much to make America the country it is today.