40,000 WWII Vets are Excluded from Receiving VA Benefits — But Newly Signed Bill Changes This

Via Pixabay

You would assume that all World War Two Vets would be eligible for VA benefits, right? Well, that’s not quite true. Many of those who served during this pivotal time in our history are not eligible for these crucial benefits.

Eligibility for these services is based on service-connected conditions and financial status, which leave some vets in the cold when they don’t meet the criteria. Advocates, however, have argued that due to the importance of their service and the advanced age of WWII vets, the system should be more open.

Recently, President Biden signed the Omnibus Spending Bill for 2023 which includes provisions to expand VA benefits for all World War II vets. The bipartisan bill was passed by the House in a 225-201 vote. Read more about this change and what it means for WWII vets here.

We believe in giving back to ALL who gave so much during World War II and the Korean War. That is why we support a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Please take a moment to tell Congress it’s time to pass this legislation by signing our petition.