WWII Veteran Shares His Story

Members of the greatest generation fought and sacrificed for our freedom. These brave Americans gave so much in World War 2 and Korea. We believe that it is important to not only respect their service but to listen to their story. WWII Veteran SSGT Jerry Ingram shares his story in the video below. This hero signed up to fight for his country before he was even old enough to vote and went on to live a life of honor and service.

“I served so that my children’s children could be free.”

As young as he was when he joined the Marines, Ingram had a strong sense of duty to his country. As much as the years have taken their toll, he still looks back at his experiences and sacrifices with pride. It isn’t the pride of personal accomplishment, but the pride that comes with being part of a generation that preserved the freedoms we have today.

Via Youtube (Keebler Capra)

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