World War II Photos Posted Online in Hopes of Identifying Veterans

Richard Erlon Perkins passed away at the age of 92. This veteran left behind a massive collection of World War II photos that had gone unseen for decades. In fact, the majority of his photo collection was still limited to photo negatives as he couldn’t afford to have them developed. Now, however, these historical images are finding new life online.

World War II photos
Via Pixabay

Richard’s son Dana Perkins has spent years going through the collection and scanning each photo. More than 600 images reveal the faces of those Richard served with. In an effort to put names to these faces, Dana and his sister Alice, have created a website to share the images. Their hope is that visitors may recognize some of the veterans pictured and be able to provide information.

Not only, is this a way to answer some questions from their father’s past, but it is an opportunity for veterans and their families to discover images they may not have known existed. Several of the veterans photographed have already been identified. Many more, however, are still waiting for someone with information. The images can be found here.

It is great to see this effort to uncover the names and stories of these American heroes. These World War II photos are a time capsule reminding us of the important men and women who served. We strongly support giving back as much as possible to those who gave so much during WWII and Korea. That’s why we support a bill known as The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. That’s also why we continue to share stories like this one. For the latest updates, make sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.