Watch these Touching Reunions as New York Nursing Homes Reopen Visits

New York Nursing Homes have recently started allowing visits again. Of course visits from family are the most important moments in many nursing home residents’ lives. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic made these visits impossible. Facilities all over the country closed their doors to in-person visits in response to the public health emergency.

With more and more people receiving Covid-19 vaccines, however, restrictions are easing up everywhere. While this is certainly great to hear, it is even better to see. Watch the video below for an emotional view into the lives of these older Americans who had the chance to see their families for the first time in a year.

YouTube/ Associated Press

It’s great that these New York Nursing Homes are finally able to let these residents see their loved ones. We are so glad to see things starting to get back to normal for these older Americans. To learn about what we are doing to help our senior citizens, visit The Greatest Generation, and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter.