College Student Helps Seniors Stay Connected

Someone holding a mobile phone
Image: GoDaddy

Emory College student, Joyce Liu, helped found the Georgia chapter of TeleHealth Access for Seniors, according to Amanda Usher at the Valdosta Daily Times.

The program “gathers used camera-enabled phones and other devices to donate to senior citizens.” The goal is to help seniors stay connected to their families and medical personnel while in isolation during the pandemic.

It’s inspiring to see member of the community give back to older generations who worked so hard for our country. So many older Americans, especially those of the greatest generation, seem to get the least during retirement. That’s why Congress must pass the bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act.

Our bill will increase the monthly benefits of retirees age 82 and older by $85 a month and automatically increase benefits by 4 percent each year moving forward. This will help members of the greatest generation better afford smart phones, which are necessities for all intents and purposes these days.

Please, sign our petition calling on Congress to pass The Greatest Generation Benefits Act before it’s too late.

The greatest generation did so much for us and our country. Passing this legislation is the least we can do.

We thank Joyce Liu for her hard work helping these valued members of our communities, our seniors, stay connected.

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