‘Never Forget’ Looking Back at September 11th

Via Pixabay

“Never Forget.” Those words have taken on special meaning for all Americans over the last two decades. Who would have ever thought that one event could resonate so strongly that such common words could have no other meaning? It’s interesting, however, that we remind ourselves to never forget something that’s so deeply ingrained into our psyche. Perhaps it’s not about remembering what happened, but rather making sure to remember those we lost. The September 11th attack is still a fresh memory for those who witnessed it live.

While those of us who experienced that day remember clearly where we were and how we felt, it is important to take a moment to remember those who lost their lives in that act of terrorism. Over the last 20 years, the world has moved on. Babies were born and grew into adults who know of 9/11 from history lessons. We’ve gone through both trauma and moments of great beauty. We’ve seen ups and downs as the world keeps going. Moving on is important. We cannot simply wallow in the bad times. We must, however, take a moment for the ones who were not allowed to experience the last 22 years.

Each year on the anniversary of 9/11, we take a moment to reflect on the lives lost. It’s also the perfect time to look at our own lives with an appreciation for the things we have. “Never forget” is a reminder of both the lives lost that day and the importance of life itself. On this day, we should all reflect on what we’ve lost, what we’ve gained, and what it means to live. Let’s stop to honor the lives that were taken that day and then move forward together. Especially as we struggle with the challenges today that seek to divide us, we must remember to stand united as Americans. This is what we should never forget.

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