Renovated Korean War Veterans Memorial To Introduce New ‘Wall of Remembrance.’

The Korean War Veterans Memorial has stood as a tribute to those who sacrificed in the “Forgotten War” since its dedication in 1995. With its beautiful mural wall and life-size statues, it stands as an inspiring work. The memorial, however, has been in need of an upgrade for several years. Although plans for an update have been in place since 2016, the project faced delays.

Fortunately, the expansion is coming together. More than just expanding what is there, the plan is to completely renovate the memorial. One of the key elements to the new design is a new “Wall of Remembrance.” This wall will display the names of more than 36,000 Americans and over 7,000 members of the Korean Augmentation To the United States Army. Take an inside look at the progress in the video below.

Military Times

It’s great to see the new and improved Korean War Veterans Memorial coming together to honor those who sacrificed. We believe in giving back to those who gave the most. That’s why we support the passage of The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more about how this legislation would help those who experienced WW2 and Korea here.

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