Jewish WWII Veteran Shares His Story of Capture by Germans (Video)

A Jewish WWII Veteran shares his unique experience in the video below. His story is one that highlights the horrors of war and the heroics of those who fought and sacrificed. While the video only shows a small part of his experience, his words express things that most of us could not imagine.

He tells of the harrowing moments in which he and the soldiers he stood with became surrounded by enemy forces and had no choice but to retreat. As he continues, it becomes clear that retreat stopped being an option when all avenues of escape were blocked. The only road forward was capture or possible death. In a tense moment, he narrowly avoided losing his life. In the end, he saw friends die and fellow soldiers fall, but he made it out alive. His story is not easy to hear, but it is important. Hear it in his own words below.

YouTube: Remember WWII

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