How The Greatest Generation Changed the World During WWII

Via Pixabay

WWII was a defining moment for not only America but the world. Hitler’s forces brought unimaginable death and destruction across Europe and threatened life and liberty across the globe.

The Allied Forces, however, showed Hitler that when faced with evil, people will stand up and fight with everything they have. Members of the greatest generation stepped up in a considerable way.

Americans from all walks of life, from the poor to the rich and famous signed up to join the fight. Among their ranks were groundbreakers like the Six-Tripple-Eight and the Tuskegee Airmen who brought a segregated America a couple of steps closer to the civil rights movement.

While brave Americans were fighting overseas, others stepped up back home. Everyday people came together to hold everything together on the homefront. They sacrificed comforts to supply the war effort while taking on more responsibilities to keep the U.S. economy going.

This is why we call them the greatest generation. Both those who fought on the frontlines of WWII and the citizens who maintained life back home were heroes in their own right because they refused to give up.

These Americans stood up in a time of need, and we think it’s time we stand up for them. A bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act would give back to older Americans who gave so much. Please take a moment to sign our petition.

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