Congress Must Act! American Seniors Can’t Keep Waiting

Washington Congress
Via Pixabay

Congress must act to help American seniors in need. While inflation and economic turmoil have been major headlines since early in the Covid pandemic, many American seniors have largely been ignored.

Why Seniors are Struggling

Unfortunately, those who gave the most during WW II and Korea often receive the least in retirement. The Social Security system is broken and does not properly provide for American seniors. This is not right. Members of the greatest generation should not be struggling to pay their bills and afford their basic needs. Social Security is not enough, and something has to change.

How ‘The Greatest Generation Benefits Act’ Would Create Real Change

Older Americans who rely on Social Security should not live in poverty after spending their lives working and sacrificing. Of course, retirees should get every penny they earned in retirement. Who could argue against that? While change is slow-moving, the increase under a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act would allow seniors the financial security they deserve. This legislation would give seniors aged 82 and over an additional $85 a month plus an increase of 4 percent every year after. This change would finally give older Americans the financial resources they need. While this change would help greatly, there is still work to be done.

Help Tell Congress Older Americans Still Matter

To make this important change happen, we are calling on Congress to pass this bill immediately. Our seniors need this and it can’t wait anymore. To get things moving, we need more Americans to speak out and support the greatest generation. Together, it is possible to change the lives of these great Americans who are now counting on us. Please sign our petition and spread the word on Facebook and Twitter. And please feel free to send us a message!