As Debt Ceiling Fight Continues, Social Security Recipients and Veterans are set to Lose

Debt ceiling
Via Pixabay

There’s a big fight in Washington right now that could affect all Americans in very significant ways. We hear a lot of rhetoric from our elected officials about the debt ceiling, but there is little progress toward finding a solution.

The problem is that while our elected leaders just keep talking, the American people are the ones set to suffer. In the past, similar situations have led to a government shutdown. This is always a problem — but this time we could be looking at something worse.

During a shutdown, essential government employees still go to work and Social Security checks generally still land in mailboxes. What we’re looking at now is a possible government default.

In a default, Social Security and payments for military families may not make their way to the recipients who rely on them. The fact is, we don’t know exactly what to expect from a government default because it has never happened before.

Unfortunately, we might be facing this if a deal is not reached. This means that Congress will still get their paychecks while veterans and those who have spent a lifetime working will get the short end of things. Read more about the debt ceiling debate and the possible impact of a default here.

We strongly believe that Americans cannot afford to lose Social Security benefits. In fact, recipients don’t receive enough as it is. That is why we support The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more and sign our petition here.