An Unexpected Reunion Connects WWII Vet With Memory of His Lost Love

Via Pixabay

Joe Esquibel was only a teenager when he was shipped off to fight in World War II. Before he left, he decided to take something very special with him. As a reminder of the girl he loved back home, he bought a small, silver bracelet with the name “Lydia” engraved on one side and his signature on the other. Unfortunately, the bracelet was lost shortly after entering the war. Thanks to a stranger across the globe, a WW II Reunion of sorts put the bracelet back in his hands.

In 1945, Joe Esquibel was assigned to guard a POW camp in what was then known as Czechoslovakia. Just before he was sent out to Germany, Joe made a discovery. One of his bags had been stolen, and his bracelet was gone. Over the years, he hadn’t thought too much of it. He was more focused on raising a family with Lydia who he married upon returning home.

Lydia, sadly, passed away in 2019 — however, a surprise reunion brought her memory to the forefront. A world away, a man named Petr Švihovec was treasure hunting with his metal detector around the old POW camp. He made a surprising discovery. After studying the signature and engraved “Lydia,” Petr was able to track Joe down and return his bracelet. Read the full incredible story here.

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