This 30-Year-Old is Quite at Home in a Retirement Village Even Though She’s Half the Age of Her Neighbors

Liz White decided she needed a change of scenery. Leaving her Philidelphia high-rise, she abandoned the city life for the Florida Beach-front. This kind of move is common for retirees but not so much for 30-year-olds like Liz.

In addition to the beautiful beach view, White acquired some very different neighbors than what she was used to. Not only did she move to a town with an average age of 66, but she moved into a retirement village making her the only non-retired person in her building.

Liz enjoys the bridge games, puzzles, and ample supply of baked goods, and the building’s other tenants like having her around to help with the occasional wifi issue. Sounds like a perfect arrangement. Check out Liz’s story in the video below.

YouTube ABC News

It’s great to see this young woman sharing the beach views with her elders. Unfortunately, many elderly retirees do not have it as good. Many are struggling to get by on Social Security. This is why we are encouraging Congress to pass a bill we call The Greatest Generation Benefits Act. Learn more about this legislation and sign our petition here.

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